Hi, I`m BriarTheCheesyMuffin but you can call me Briar or BCM if you want. I`m hugely interested in Wings Of Fire, art, writing books which I hope to publish one day, and being way too lazy for my own good. I`m an extremely good artist, and a writer. I`m currently working on four manuscripts for my Talons And Tails series. The titles are....

Talons And Tails: Redemption

Talons And Tails: Vengeance

Talons And Tails:Reign

Talons And Tails:Reborn

I will gladly give you a sneak peek if you ask!

I like Jim Gaffigan(a comedian) and practically memorized Hot Pockets: Beyond The Pale at this point!

My Canon/Fanon Ships

SGE Canon Ships

Tagatha- Agatha X Tedros

Rophie- Sophie X Rafal(temporary ship)

SGE Unconfirmed Ships

RobinDot- Robin Hood X Dot

Hophie- Hort X Sophie

Wings Of Fire Canon Ships

Moonbli- Moon X Qibli

GloryBringer- Glory X DeathBringer

Wings Of Fire Fanon Ships

Sciar- Briar X Scorpion

WarpWit- Warp(FenTheMudWing) X QuickWit

BlackCrystal- BlackHeart X CrystalHeart

My favorite pages

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