Princess Uma is the professor of Animal Communications at the School for Good. She is also a member of the League of Thirteen.


Princess Uma is described as having black hair to her waist, olive skin, almond-shaped eyes and crimson lips. She normally wears a pink teacher's dress, but in The Last Ever After she dresses like a ninja to rescue Tedros and Agatha.


Kaveen of Shazabah

Uma and Kaveen met at the School for Good. He saved Uma from a hive of blood-sucking bees during their Trial by Tale, losing his chance to be Class Captain but winning her heart. They used to be caught by Dean Dovey in the Love Spells nook of the library, where they carved their initials into the wood. After they graduated and married, Uma was captured by a warlock from Netherwood, who wanted to ransom her back to Kaveen. Uma didn't want Kaveen to get hurt, so she summoned a white stag from the Woods to help her. The stag ripped through the warlock's heart with his horns, battled his henchmen and died, but Uma escaped. The Storian wrote the triumph of Princess Uma, and she became legendary for her deep friendship with animals. But Kaveen was endlessly taunted for arriving too late to save her. They started fighting and ignoring each other, before eventually breaking up.


The School for Good and Evil

During her Animal Communications lesson, Agatha caused an animal riot due to her ability to grant wishes, which got a tower set on fire. During the Circus of Talents she is trapped in her study and during Sophie's attack at the end of the book, she is Petrified by the School Master.

A World Without Princes

Evelyn Sader changed Uma's class of Animal Communications to Animal Hunting. Refusing to kill her friends, she is ejected into the Woods. Everyone thinks that she is killed by the Red Cloaks around the School for Boys.

The Last Ever After

After being evicted, Uma has her animal friends to help her survive she later on meets Reaper, who leads her to the League of Thirteen. She joins them, saves Agatha and Tedros Uma is annoyed by their bickering thinking she is taking care of them instead of leading them to safety, She is petrified by Snow White's witch and Tedros carries her to the League of Thirteen. She was forgotten about left on the floor but then is noticed by Yuba. She is saved by Tinkerbell's fairy dust. She and her animal friends help fight during the war later on. Many of her Animal friends died and she honors them.

The Ever Never Handbook

It is confirmed that Uma is back at the School for Good to teach the Evers Animal Communication. She gives a short mini quiz determining which type of person the reader/ever is and can survive out in the wild. She also decides to finally have boys learn animal calls.

Quests For Glory

Uma helped students get rid of the snakes she was thought to be crying but she was calling out friends, they were mongooses.


  • Uma's favourite animal was her white pet rabbit Roscoe, who slept in her bed. But he died after being bitten by a vampire bat.
  • Uma doesn't make friends with animals such as snakes calling them beasts
  • Uma is the first known princess (before Agatha) who had a happy ending without a boy.
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