The School for Boys is for future princes and villains.


1. Weapons for Boys-Prof. Rumi Espada

2. Survital of the Fittest-Castor

3. Defense Against Girls-Prof. Bilious Manley

4. Lunch

5. Fraternity and Teamwork-Prof. Aleksander Lukas

6. Forest Fitness-Mohsin the Giant


  • Professor Bilious Manley- Dean, Teacher
  • Tedros- Dean (Formerly)
  • Castor- Teacher
  • Rumi Espada-Teacher
  • Aleksander Lukas-Teacher



Changes from School of Evil

  • There were no teachers untill the announcement of the Trial
  • Professor Bilious Manley is now the Dean
  • The School Master's Tower was moved to the School of Boys
  • Tedros is the guard of the Storian
  • Tedros was the ruler of the school
  • Most of the school wants to kill Sophie and Agatha