The School for Good and Evil Library

School for Good

The teachers in the school for good teach students, each teacher has one specific thing to teach about. Their only purpose is to help students prepare for their fairy tales. It was revealed in Book 5 that teacher cannot interfere with the student's fairy tales just help.

Dean For Good

The dean for good is the head of the school and good teachers facility. She/He is usually in charge of planning students schedules, lunche, supplies, e.t.c.


Dean of the School For Good: Clarissa Dovey

Professor Clarissa Dovey is the Dean of the School for Good and teacher of Good Deeds. She is a fairy god-mother to Agatha and her role in a fairy tale was the legendary fairy godmother in Cinderella.

Princess Uma

Princess Uma teaches Animal Communication. She was thought to be dead after Evelyn Sader banished her from the School for Girls.

Professor Emma Anemone

Professor Emma teaches Beautification. Her clothing is often extremely extravagant (and in Agatha's opinion very silly-looking). She is very nervous during the Circus of Talents, because teachers are forbidden to come.

Yuba the Gnome

Yuba the Gnome teaches Surviving Fairy Tales. Yuba also teaches the Evil students at the same time as the Good. In the second book, it is learned that he has a gnome talent that enables him to change genders. He uses Merlin's spell to change gender. He was also Merlin's teacher. In his female form, his name is Helga. He is a founding member of The League Of Thirteen.

Professor Espada

Professor Espada teaches Swordplay to the Everboys.

Professor August Sader

August Sader is a blind artist and Seer who usually teaches History of Heroism to the Good students, but he also teaches the School for Evil, as well. He turns out to be a big part in the end of the first book when he gives up his body to the Good brother's ghost, enabling him to defeat the Evil twin, The School Master. He is also seen by Agatha in the second book during one of Evelyn Sader's lessons. It is mentioned that before his sister took his place in teaching The School for Evil. He comes from a family of seers and is a seer himself. He cannot speak of the future, as if he does, he ages 10 years. Agatha sees him as a sort of father figure and thus develops a liking towards him in the second book. He has dark hair and eyes and typically wears a green suit in the first book. Evelyn Sader is also his half-sister. He is deceased.


Pollux teaches princess etiquette and dance.


In the school for Good, fairies and nymphs help the teachers and students. In the school for Evil, wolves are the helpers. They all sacrifice themselves for the sake of the students. Bane, a fairy boy who was from Gavaldon even saves Agatha and dies in her palm. Helpers do not serve the school for loyalty, but rather as a punishment for not being good enough to serve a purpose in a fairy tale. Thus, failed students from Good would become wolves and switch sides to Evil and vice versa. Both fairies and wolves alike we're killed by Sophie's horde of ravens in the first book. The closest thing to Helpers in the second book are butterflies who serve Evelyn Sader, the dean of both schools. By the third book, the School master had raised the fairies and the wolves from the grave as undead minions adding to his army.


Beelze is a red dwarf, he accompanies Castor.

School for Evil

Lady Leonora Lesso

Lady Lesso was the Dean for the School for Evil, as well as the teacher for Curses and Death Traps. However, in the second installment, she is reduced to teaching Defense Against Boys at the School for Girls after Evelyn Sader takes charge. She had a son whom she hid until she was discovered by Evelyn Sader. She was then restricted from going back to tend to her son, who is revealed to be Aric. She taught at the school for 15 years.

Professor Bilious Manley

The Professor of Uglification at the School for Evil, who profoundly believes that only by letting go of looks and vanity can villains truly embrace themselves. Gifted Sophie her famous snakeskin cape.

Professor Sheeba Sheeks

Sheeba Sheeks teaches Special Talents at the School for Evil.


Castor teaches henchmen training.