‘‘ The Storian must write ‘The End’ to seal your wish. And at the moment, it is unable. ’’
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‘‘ Fla-sé-dah. ’’

Queen Sophie is one of the main characters in The School For Good and Evil series and The Tale of Sophie and Agatha.

Sophie was a reader from Gavaldon and the daughter of Stefan and Vanessa, before becoming a student of both the School for Evil and School for Girls, Queen of the School for New Evil, and the current Dean of the School for Evil. She retains the title of queen after Rafal's death, as stated in The Ever Never Handbook and seen in Quests for Glory.

Physical appearance

Sophie is constantly described as being beautiful and aspiring. She describes herself at the beginning of the first book as having waist-long hair, the color of spun gold, emerald-green eyes, luscious red lips, and creamy peach skin, and often compared herself to a princess. However, in the first book as a punishment for hitting Lady Lesso (by accident when she was chasing Hort), her hair is chopped short by a doom- room axe. She eventually uses this to her advantage, cutting it shorter and flaunting it. It grows back later.


When Sophie is revealed to be an ugly witch in the Circus of Talents, she is described as having liver-spotted skin, decayed gums, warts, wrinkles, pale skin, rotted teeth, bald, and dead, coal- colored eyes. She is displayed as being extremely hideous, with her appearance reflecting the Evil of her soul.


When she transforms into Filip of Mount Honora, her male counterpart, she is described as a powerful, square-jawed version of herself, with short, fluffy blond hair, high cheekbones, straight brows, slightly pointed ears, like that of fey, and emerald-set eyes.


Sophie wears numerous outfits across the series:

  • Before the start of the series, she is said to wear a lot of pink. Her outfit at the start of the first book is a breezy pink dress with sparkling one-of-a-kind glass slippers. These slippers are seen throughout the book.
  • On the day of her kidnapping she wears her finest dress. It is known that she wears heeled glass slippers, as they appear throughout the book.
    • In The Ever Never Handbook, her arrival dress is shown to be a short-sleeved pink dress with poofed sleeves and a short cape.
  • Her traditional school outfit in the first book was a dumpy, tattered tunic, described as 'sagging like shredded curtains'.
    • In The Ever Never Handbook, it is described as a smock instead of a tunic.
  • Her school outfits that she designed throughout book 1 goes as follows:
    • A strapless bodice dress, with a red 'F' shimmering on her chest & glass slippers. Her heels are taller than previously described. Her makeup consists of geisha white foundation, vermilion lipstick and pink eye shadow. Her hair has also been cut shorter and is slicked down into a bob.
    • A slit-back toga dress, sashed with blue orchids with an 'F' shimmering on her chest and the back complete with '...is for Fabulous' & glass slippers. Her heels are a full inch taller than the last outfit. Her makeup consists of shimmering bronze foundation, crimson lipstick and periwinkle eyeshadow.
    • A black baby doll dress with an 'F' shimmering on her chest and the back complete with '...is for Fun'. She also has a pink lollipop.
    • A belly-baring black halter top, poofed miniskirt and hot pink heels. Her hair has been cut into a spiky pixie haircut.
    • A revealing black sari and sharp-heeled fur booties.
    • A black kimono with an 'F' shimmering on her chest and the back complete with '..Is for Focused (she changes this throughout the book, eg, fabulous,)'. Her hair has been dyed ruby red.
    • A lot of miscellaneous wear, including fishnet bodices, sparkling clamshell dresses and leather pantsuits.
    • A black sheath dress with beehive hair, black gloves, a pearl necklace and tinted spectacles
    • During her time at the School for Evil, she gets a black snake-skin cape from Professor Manley, and she uses this in her school outfit, especially with her black leather outfit. This outfit also gives her black makeup and black hair.
    • At the No Ball, she wears a pink ball gown. She is initially seen in this as a witch, but when she turns herself and the Nevers beautiful, her hair grows back to its full length and becomes ringlets again.
  • Her school uniform in book 2 is a blue bodice with a butterfly crest stitched across the heart, royal blue harem pants and a white veil. She also gets a crystal diadem as she is Class Captain.
  • In Book Three, to impress Tedros, she wears a bearskin jacket and a leather skirt, baring her belly, with Cinderella's makeup and tight black shiny leggings.
  • At the start of book 3 she wears a black nightgown and a black cloak.
  • As the teacher of Advanced Curses & Death Traps, she wears a formfitting, lacy black dress with black-suede stiletto boots.
  • At her coronation, she wears a tight, strapless, black velvet dress with a long, flowing train that made her appear like 'a sinister bride'. Her crown is a crown of spikes, which she wears during the war.
  • During the war she wears a black leather catsuit.
  • As the Dean of Evil, she wears Lady Lesso's old dress.
  • In the 3rd book, she is claimed to have been wearing a black leather dress with pink booties
  • In the 4th book, Sophie wears a bathrobe at the beginning, a cropped sailor's outfit dress, and a giant fur coat on the ship, a gold and blue gown at Beauty and the Feast, and a blue pantsuit in Camelot.
  • In the 5th book, Sophie wears a gold gown as the Queen of Camelot.


Sophie is a complicated character. She is very vain and selfish but is also clever and creative. When she is first introduced at the beginning of the first book, she, despite thinking herself quite generous and kind, was shown to be selfish and cared too much about her appearance almost more than anything else. In the first book, she often blamed others (especially Agatha), would do anything to look pretty, and was extremely lazy. She was also persistent to win Tedros over including doing constant attacks on Good and doing a mass murder on Fairies and Wolves during the Circus of Talents. However, in the end, despite her seemingly vicious personality, she acted very selflessly and risked her life for Agatha, thus dying herself before Agatha kissed her back to life.

In the second book, Sophie's personality seems to change as she finally starts appreciating Agatha's dedication to their friendship. However, despite her beginning to appreciate Agatha, just as she would do anything to keep Tedros, she did reckless things to try to keep Agatha, leading to their friendship collapsing once again.

In the third book, Sophie has returned to being her usual self like in book 1. She cared deeply about her looks, did everything she can to get to her "Happily Ever After" that she imagined, and was manipulative and vicious to the point that she even threatened the entire woods' safety to earn Tedros' affection. Despite this, she still lacked actual love for Tedros, proving they were incompatible.

In the end, though, (as shown in the 4th book) Sophie's personality changed for real. She showed a softer side to Agatha, became more selfless, and begin to express her care for her friends more publicly.


Early life

Sophie was one of the two twins born to Vanessa, in the village of Gavaldon, a small secluded town surrounded by the mysterious Endless Woods. Sophie looked up to her mother greatly, even copying her mother's own actions, such as using skin care products. Vanessa died when Sophie was ten years old, leaving her father, Stefan, as her only family. She soon chose Agatha to be her "Good Deed", so she could get into the School for Good because her worst fear was dying alone like her mother. Despite being born with a 100% Evil soul, she becomes true friends with Agatha over time. Her surname is never mentioned.

The School for Good and Evil

At the start of the book, Sophie dreams about arriving at a castle ball thrown in her honour, at which there a hundred suitors and no other girls in sight. When Sophie goes to a prince with ghostly white hair and blue eyes, a hammer breaks through the wall and smashes the princes to shards. Sophie wakes up and tells her father that if she didn't get her nine hours of sleep, her eyes would look swollen. Stefan, her father, tells her about the kidnapping will happen that day. She then goes to Agatha's house in the graveyard asking her to walk with her. The two then go to a lake where they talk about going to the school and Sophie wishes that the pair will still be in the company of each other.

That night, Sophie lays out gingerbread hearts on her windowsill, hoping the School Master will notice her good soul and kidnap her to Good. Agatha later eats these cookies, making Sophie think that the School Master has come. After that, the school master does come, kidnaps sophie, and even if she will never see her father again, even if all the town and agatha is running to save her from the school master, Sophie is very happy to leave gavladon because she "deserved a bigger life" and wanted to be a princess and marry a beautiful prince. When they get to the forest agatha continues chasing her and when they both get to the school, to sophie's surprise, they put her in the school for Evil and agatha in the school for good. 

Throughout the book Sophie tries to prove she is good and putting her in the school for Evil was a mistake, but fails and instead ends up winning (not on purpose) more and more class challenges each time proving she's more and more Evil. One time she got punished at the doom room and the beast, (the one in charge of the punishments) cut her beautiful hair as punishment. She was so mad that she pushed him to the lake to drown, another proof that she was Evil. 

A World Without Princes

Sophie is very happy with Agatha, they both are praised when they came back. Many people had asked them questions, they made statues of them, and did many other things because of their popularity. Agatha doesn't mind the attention she's getting, she doesn't give a slight care when people started to get bored of her. Except for Sophie, she never wanted to let go of fame and her fans. Unfortunately people had gotten bored of both of them but Sophie tried to do many things just so she can get back the attention. Sophie wanted to do a musical about her time at the school, but her real intention was so her father can see what she had gone through and hoped that it would ruin his marriage with Honora, his first love and his soon to be wife. Sophie headed home and burst into the kitchen where Honora was and both were surprised to see each other, she asked where her father was, she headed to Stefan who was in the backyard with Jacob and Adam. They were trying to hold up a tent and Sophie was stunned to see the tent. Stefan brought the news to her that the wedding would come earlier before her musical, Sophie was irritated. At dinner she picked at her food that was made from Honora and her father told her to eat. She didn't eat instead staring at Honora, which made Honora uncomfortable. She asked if she was friends with her mother and Honora hacked in surprise, Stefan knew something Sophie didn't know and glared at her, but his soon-to-be-wife had stopped him smiling, saying that she and Sophie's mother were friends. Sophie crossed the line asking what had happened between them. It turned deathly silent. Stefan glowered at her as is daring to ask her more questions, saying that she should eat. She did it with no hesitation.

The Last Ever After

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The Ever Never Handbook

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Quests for Glory

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A Crystal of Time

Sophie finds herself in a very uncomfortable situation at Camelot Castle. Rhian and Japeth force her to wear an unfashionable white dress that belonged to their mother, which Sophie thinks is quite perturbing. Not only that, but Japeth often cuts Sophie's hand so that he can use her blood, which has healing properties. Sophie soon learns that Rhian wants to write stories with his own pen so that underappreciated commonfolk can be recognized, not just the elite students of the School for Good and Evil. The problem is, Rhian is not very good at writing. Sophie scoffs she can do better and adds some frills and embellishments to Rhian's dull story. From that point on, Sophie is tasked with writing the tales. She is initially against having to craft these stories, but uses it to her advantage by hiding secret messages to Agatha in them.

When Rhian allows Sophie to free one prisoner from the dungeons, Sophie chooses Hort, and he becomes her personal assistant. Hort wants to know why Sophie chose him, and it's because she trusts Hort the most. Hort devises a plan to kill Rhian which Sophie picks up on and helps with. After their murder attempt fails, they use it to their advantage by implying Japeth was the one who tampered with Rhian's tea. Their goal is to get the brothers fighting, but this does not succeed either. Sophie then goes to "The Blessing" at the church which goes horribly wrong, as first year students invade. Attempting to escape in the chaos, no one helps Sophie except for Hort, who arrives on a Stymph and holds out his hand to her. Sophie however, realizes that there are prisoners still trapped at Camelot and, to Hort's horror, decides to stay behind. When the execution erupts into battle, Sophie flees with the rest of the prisoners and meets up with Agatha in the woods, where they catch up, much to Tedros' dismay over their closeness. Sophie loves the luxurious castle of Gnomeland, and wishes she could stay there for some rest and relaxation. However, when Sophie sees a vision of the future in Dovey's crystal ball, she leaves to go back to Camelot. At the castle again, Rhian tells Sophie more about his past, and about his motives for becoming king. Rhian previously said he didn't love Sophie, but that was only because he was afraid to love someone again after what happened with his mother. He actually does love Sophie, which she is quite shocked about. She questions what she saw in the crystal ball, which was a vision of her killing Rhian, and is uncertain about going through with it. Although this changed when Rhian puts Japeth as his priority, letting his brother harm her once more. She succeeds in pitting both brothers against each other like in her vision, in the crystal ball. In the ensuring battle one brother dies which she believes to be Japeth, but later is shocked to know it's actually Rhian. Japeth shot a spell into the sky which says the 'wedding' will take place. Before Sophie can move, Japeth spears two scims in her ears. Her consciousness fades after that and her last thought is of Agatha.


Love interests


Sophie first met Tedros at the Welcoming. As soon as she saw him, she fell in love with him, even thinking that he was her true love. Throughout the first book, Sophie attempts to win his heart, using everything from advice in 'Winning Your Prince' to using a love spell. Eventually, she wins his heart, and the two begin a relationship. However, as soon as her true nature is revealed, Tedros leaves her heartbroken and she begins to plot revenge against him before being caught.

In the second book, Sophie shows a disgust to him, as she believes that he has stolen Agatha away from her. She goes into the School for Boys as a spy and poses as a boy, Filip of Mount Honora, to try and find the Storian. She becomes Tedros' roommate and she begins to find out his much softer side, and even falls in love with him. Unfortunately, he is shocked and disgusted to find out that Filip is indeed Sophie.

In the third book, she once again believes for him to be her true love as her ring tells her so, and in an agreement with Agatha, begins to try and win his heart. But when she kisses him, she doesn't feel anything, causing her to panic and flee to the lake. By the end of the book, they are on good enough terms.


As many fans have suspected, Hort fell in love with Sophie from the moment he first saw her. At one point, Sophie dated Hort in order to make Tedros jealous. Hort thought their relationship was real and was deeply hurt when he figured out the truth. Later in book one, Sophie came to his room one night to study and Hort said that villains couldn't love but "If I could love, I'd love you." Sophie also stole his frog pajamas for Agatha in this book. In Book 1, Sophie generally despised Hort (calling him a weasel, kicking him out of his room etc.), despite how much he tried to please her.

Although deeply hurt by Sophie's actions, Hort continued to devote all of his attention into any Sophie related issue. Although it was obvious, there was no direct proof Hort was actually in love with Sophie until one line from A World Without Princes. Sophie came to the School for Boys as Filip, and Hort (who didn't know this was Sophie) helped Filip in his challenges in hopes of being selected as the tenth member of the trial team. Filip (Sophie) picked Tedros instead. Once Hort found out it was Sophie (presumably sometime in between Books 2 and 3) he felt horribly betrayed.

As said in the Last Ever After, Hort tried to imitate Tedros and change himself so Sophie could become attracted to him. Sophie has a short conversation with Hort in a steam bath, which is when she gives a weak apology, and Hort tells her he doesn't love her anymore. When Tedros and Agatha kidnap Sophie from the School Master, Hort runs after Sophie and gets wrapped up in the story once more. Sophie treats Hort as her body guard, and disregards him for the rest of the book. However, on the trail, Hort saves her and Tedros from Hook and Smee, and confesses he lied about not loving her anymore. Throughout the 1st trilogy, Hort helps Sophie, saves her life, and has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with her, only to have Sophie disregard him. At the end of Book 3, Sophie declines a relationship with Hort, stating she wants to be an "independent woman." She takes away his original quest, and Hort becomes History Teacher in order to please and help Sophie.

At the start of book 4, Sophie and Hort are both doing their quest at the School for Good and Evil as Evil's Dean, and History Teacher, respectively. Sophie pays a bit more attention to Hort, but still disregards him and hardly considers his well being. Although Hort was in love with Sophie throughout the whole first trilogy, Hort questions why he's even still chasing her. During the trapdoor scene and fight thereafter, Sophie is stricken that she can't save Hort when he is about the be hanged, and later, diverts her rescue for Hort's sake. Hort and Nicola begin dating, as do Rhian and Sophie. Throughout the rest of the book, Sophie and Hort work on different parts of the quest that the whole group is on. At the end of the 4th book, Sophie trapped with Rhian and Japeth while Hort is trapped in the dungeons with the rest of the crew.

In ACOT, Sophie and Hort first interact when she chooses him to be taken from the dungeons. When he asks why, she responds: "I trust you." Hort realizes her that even with a girlfriend, he will always love her in a special way and will do anything for her. Sophie and Hort concoct a plan to murder Rhian by putting honey-coated nuts into his tea (hoping he will choke). The plan fails, but it does create a rift between the twin brothers. At the Blessing escape, Hort is the only person who is able to rescue Sophie (as she is at risk of being left behind in the chaos). However, Sophie realizes there are other people left behind, and says she can't go with him. For the rest of the book, Hort and Sophie work on different parts of the greater mission.

Before the release of OTK Soman Chainani noted that Hort and Sophie make a formidable team when working together.

In OTK, Hort seems to be extremely concerned and anxious over Sophie's wellbeing, and his face lights up when he sees her through a projection. A flower bloom temps Sophie with her true love's name and glows blue, which is Hort's finger glow color. During the fight for Merlin's beard in the pearl, Agatha doesn't tell Hort Sophie is there, and when he realizes, he is extremely upset. Hort tags along in "Trust is the Way", asking to sit by Sophie multiple times. (It is later found out that Hort was asking Tedros for girl advice-- how it was like to kiss Sophie-- during this time). When they are surrounded by wolves and pirates, Hort saves the group and Sophie.

In OTK, Sophie finds herself talking and defending Hort against those who think ill of him or misunderstand his intentions. Agatha finds this amusing and points out how well intuned she is when analyzing Hort. Sophie says she's considered Hort, but feels like love should be a dangerous and unpredictable thing and dismisses Agatha's suspicion. Sophie is much kinder to Hort, and doesn't use him like she did in previous books. They have many moments of vulnerability and affection in book six.

Later, when they are waiting for the ship, Hort and Sophie cuddle in the cold, and Hort feeds her salmon. Sophie observes how he has asserted more dominance and isn't being the boy who just followers her around anymore: "Not just that Hort had rescued her from death, but also that burn in his glare, that red-hot ardor, as if the boy had molted into a man. She'd always thought him a weenie, a lovestruck sop, but now she'd seen the alpha wolf inside, the one who commanded her love and didn't back down." (OTK, "Trust is the Way", pg. 287-288)

Hort and Nicola eventually break up, because Hort still has feelings for Sophie. " 'Ex girlfriend, and yes. It was her idea.' Hort took a deep breath. 'She thinks I'm immature and lost in my own fantasies and a sad, soft boy.' " (OTK, "Love.Purpose.Food." pg. 339) Sophie is introduced to the concept of Love.Purpose.Food. Causing her to process internal conflicts with herself she'd had all along. Realizing that she didn't need need to prove herself worthy, she didn't need to demand love to fill these empty gaps her past had left. She just needed to glance at the purest form of love in order to understand. Even before her heart had decided, Hort was someone who she'd treasured. For his emotions and endless love. Reena's mother tells her that having grand dreams could get her anything she ever wanted. But only in leaving those things behind could she find what she truly needed. Sophie had needed love. The purest kind. The love that didn't benefit from her powers or her blood. She used to think that Hort's love had been too good to be true. The truth could only hide for so long, and Sophie chose to embrace it. Giving herself permission to be happy. This internal analyzation of herself allows Sophie to embrace the most surprising parts of her fairytale.

Agatha noticed that Sophie seemed to be more upset about the breakup than Nicola. Sophie now flirted with Hort openly and go to know him better, feeling fond of his "bad" traits. Hort and Sophie have a conversation on a cloud in the Celestium in "Conversations with Friends", having a chance to be vulnerable and laugh together. Sophie irritated that he would keep a secret from her:

"You and I are too close for you to keep secrets from me." (Sophie to Hort)

Hort finally reveals that he asked Tedros for girl advice. Hort wanted to know what it was like to kiss Sophie. Although spending time with Nicola had been fun, something was missing. Later, Hort feels self-conscious over his personality, and sense of self because he feels unlovable. Sophie immediately responds that there's nothing wrong with being who he is:

". . .Why can't a boy show his emotions? Why can't a boy just be himself? . . . I can have any handsome boy in the Woods, but they're insufferable like Tedros or possessive like Rafal or maniacal like Rhian. But I had to learn that they wouldn't make me happy, didn't I? The same way you had to kiss Nicola to learn there was something missing. The same way I had to spend time with youth learn that you weren't creepy, useless Hort at all, but Hort who was open and true — and yes, sad and soft — but altogether, sweet steadfast and the strongest boy I know." Hort's whole body seemed to blush, trying to comprehend Sophie's words. (OTK, Conversations with Friends, pg. 377-380)

After Japeth breaks into the Celestium, he tries to pierce Hort's eye with a scim as Hort tries to kill Japeth. However, Sophie prevents it from happening, using her magic to stop the eel from aiming at his eyeball. When the Celestium times out, Sophie tries to fight, but Hort, worried for her safety puts her on his back and "wolfs her away."

Sophie is later captured by guards and put into a carriage. Sophie thinks nobody is going to save her, since she doesn't have a true love. That is until she spots one guard with a tiny blue finger glow telling her to....sing. She starts to sing 'Whisky Woo, the pirate queen', and the guards try telling her to stop. A scim begins to puncture her skin, and the carriage violently stops. The Mistral sisters go outside to investigate. Hort had caused a carnage, knocking out several guards and slashing their faces. Hort manages to rescue Sophie and flees into the forest. Sophie teases Hort, flirting with him as they run away. Unfortunately, an arrow pierces his thigh. They attack Hort, and he feels himself slipping away. Hort hurriedly confesses to Sophie, telling her that he finds all parts of her personality beautiful. That he tried to move on, and forget her, but that true love didn't let him. He assures Sophie that she always had true love. The last thing Hort sees before 'dying' is Sophie's face. She begs him to stay with her, and this serves as a motivation for Hort. Who keeps himself alive for as long as possible, until he could be saved. Yuba finally arrives, but it takes him several days to heal well enough to walk. Sophie thinks that he's died.

Sophie is devastated, and fears for her other friends: "He's dead. I know he's dead..I tried to save him...I did everything I could...But he let me go....I told not to let go. . . Please I can't lose anyone else not after him. . ." ". . .That's what Hort would tell me. To be brave for him. To finish his work." (OTK, Beasts and the Beauty, pg. 528)

In "Chateau Sugar East," Agatha notices that Sophie is back to herself in the first book, the actress who fakes happiness. Sophie eventually cries, and Agatha learns what Sophie thinks is the truth. "That Sophie had fallen in love with Hort was as natural as it was surprising. . . Around Hort, Sophie was the Sophiest of all and Hort the Hortiest, each the deepest version of themselves, bared to each other without shame or fear or regret, and isn't that what love is? . . . Sophie had tried to find another equation for love. All the boys she' loved before were gorgeous or edgy or mystical, but they'd held her back or pushed her towards something she didn't want or couldn't be. Hort loved Sophie as herself. And any boy who could love the real Sophie in all her incarnations was the only prince deserving her love. It just took Hort dying for Sophie to see it." (OTK, The Sword and the Lion, pg. 560)

In "Samsara," we find out Sophie wore black for days in order to honor Hort's life. She goes down to the dungeons to find acceptance. " 'I'm sorry,' She rasped. This is why she'd come, to find her beasts, to make peace with them. The one she'd killed and the one she couldn't save. Both had to forgiver her if she was to be free." (OTK, "Samsara", pg. 589)

Agatha had other plans. (On the day of her wedding) Agatha orchestrates a plan with Hort, and shows Sophie into her secrets, revealing Hort is alive in the form of a message written in Hort's scribbly handwriting. She can't believe he's alive. Hort reveals he kept himself alive long enough to be rescued by Yuba. He also reveals that the wolf side of him died. He's afraid to confess this to Sophie because he thought Sophie loved his wolf part of him over the other parts (implying Sophie is only drawn to him by appearance/protection) and that he's not good enough. However, she assures him he is enough. As shown from this excerpt:

"You've always been enough, Hort of Bloodbrook. You, who are strong enough to die for the girl you love and still find you way back to her. You, Bold, big-hearted, beautiful you. It's me who wasn't enough. Me, who kept searching for fantasy love instead of real love. It's me who didn't deserve you. She touched his cheek. "Until I opened my heart big enough and found you there, waiting patiently, a piece of me all along." . . . Sophie didn't need to know the future to be happy. She didn't need promises or princes or a storybook life. All she wanted was the most ordinary of ends: to love with all of her heart and to be loved the same way in return.

She thought his lips "felt like home", and they were "bound by their feelings for each other and thankfulness for this moment." Although she's dominated and used Hort in the past, through their quests she's learned to be selfless and a bit more compassionate. Hort has also had growth, and has become more confident, and even started to be more dominant (rather than submissive), and he's come into his own throughout the books. They seem ready to carry that into the relationship.

Merlin watches as Hort and Sophie (both looking disheveled) join Agatha and Tedros in saying their goodbyes. Merlin looks at the two pairs and says, "The great things you will do. So much love between you."


Rafal believed that Sophie had a soul evil enough to match his own, thus chose her for his Evil Love. Playing on Sophie's desperate dream for her own Happily Ever After, he convinced her they were destined to be together, in hopes that Sophie would rewrite the laws of love, and finally bring victory for himself and Evil once and for all. He is said to often use the Groom Room in order to impress Sophie and often talked about her to his students, showing that his love may have been genuine. Sophie eventually chooses Agatha over him, killed him by destroying her ring, ending their relationship.


After he won the battle at Four Point, he freed Sophie from her binds and kissed her and gave her a rose. After he'd rescued them from the Snake in Nottingham, Sophie and Rhian went on a date to Beauty and the Feast and bonded over their similarities. Sophie believed Rhian understood her completely. In Camelot after the Snake was supposedly dead, Rhian proposed to Sophie. But when he overthrew Tedros, Sophie realized she'd been fooled. Sophie realized he was evil and became scared of him. Eventually, Rhian threatens Sophie's life unless she pretends to be his princess. Her relationship with Rhian eventually became rocky. For a second, Sophie thinks of being merciful and sparing him. Later, she is shocked to discover that Rhian is the one dead after his duel with Japeth. Her consciousness fades as scims were pierced in her ears.

In OTK, Sophie describes Rhian as having been maniacal.  



Sophie's relationship with her father is strained at the least. Sophie lost her mother five years prior to the beginning of the story, leaving her father Stefan as her only family. Sophie harbours angry feelings towards Stefan, believing that he does not love her because she is not a boy and, therefore, cannot remind him of himself. Stefan himself has an instinctive stiffness towards his daughter - she reminds him of Vanessa. Sophie was about to execute him but at the last moment chose not to. She forgave her father and the two (plus Agatha) embraced, before the barrier between Gavaldon and the Endless Woods activated again.


Vanessa is Sophie's deceased mother, who she supposedly had a positive relationship with.  She is Sophie's role model and Sophie is visibly upset over her death, which happened prior to book one.  


Sophie and Agatha have one of the closest and most intricate relationships in the series. Originally, Sophie only became friends with Agatha to complete a Good Deed to impress the School Master. She didn't really like the reclusive girl, but in her opinion, Agatha needed help. Sophie tried everything to "help" Agatha but it made things worse, the "help" being for Agatha trying out her potions and creams for beautification on her, to make sure they worked. However, the creams and potions often backfired, causing Agatha to not want Sophie around her. Over time though, after spending more time together, Sophie and Agatha begin to consider each other friends. They often rely on each other for comfort and safety, leading them to have a big trust in one another. Agatha is the more logical one of the two, which leads her to come up with plans in order to help Sophie and/or others. Sophie is the more emotional one, helping Agatha unlock her deepest emotions and fears. Then, in book 3, they found out they are twins.


Sophie is hostile towards Honora as seen in Book 2. However, Honora doesn't return these feelings as she seems to hold nothing against Sophie. The latter is often determined to mistakenly believe that Honora is the evil stepmother in her story and the cruel woman who came in between Sophie's parents. Even after finding out about the truth about her parents' history, Sophie still seems to be distasteful toward Honora such as her comment about her "garden parties".

Adam and Jacob

Sophie doesn't seem to like her stepbrothers, as she believes that Stefan, her father, would've preferred to have a boy rather than her.



Although Sophie doesn't remember, her and Nicola's first interaction was when she wrote a review about Nicola's "nut crumble" she made at Gavaldon. Later, when Nicola comes to the School for Evil as an accident, Sophie shows a strong dislike for Nicola due to her making messes in the castle since the castle rejects her. When Nicola expresses an interest in Hort on the quest in book 4, Sophie slyly insinuates that Nicola will never be able to become a couple with Hort since by saying, "...Hort already chose his true love long ago and it's not like she's going anywhere, is she? So if I were you, I'd focus on helping us complete our quest and getting home to your dear father as soon as you can". Nicola and Sophie maintain a negative relationship until Sophie saves Nicola at Four Point. From there, they started having a friend-like relationship. In addition, at the forest fest, Sophie says that she already helped Nicola write a letter to her Papa to tell her she'd be home for Christmas, and Nicola changes her perspective on Sophie.

The Coven

Sophie has a troubled relationship with the coven. Hester and Anadil don't seem to like her very much and remind her throughout the series. It's hard to tell with Dot because she acts so happy. In the end, they are proved to be friends, when Sophie suggests that they be Deans of the School for Evil. Hester says that she appreciates the offer, but the coven has other plans.


  • Magic: Like every other person in the Endless Woods, Sophie has the ability to use magic. While using magic, her finger glows hot pink.
    • Evil magic: Sophie has advanced knowledge of an arsenal of curses & death traps from the School for Evil.
      • Summoning Ravens: Sophie has the ability to summon and control ravens.
      • Screams from the Soul: Sophie can use her singing voice to shatter glass, torture and even kill people. This was done at the Circus of Talents and was mentioned in The Ever Never Handbook.
      • Summoning Evil Animals: Sophie can control animals such as wasps, locusts and bats by whistling. Sophie did this in the first book in Special Talents against Hester's demon.
      • Side Conversion (unnamed): Sophie is able to turn Nevers into Evers and vice versa. She only did this once during her first year when she hosted the No Ball.




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  • The name Sophie is of French origin, meaning "wisdom".
  • Agatha points out that if Sophie were to become the new Queen of Camelot, then she would probably pick all the cucumbers in the kingdom.[1]
  • Sophie's quest is 'Serving as Dean and steering the School for Evil in a new direction, which it so desperately needed' (claimed that herself), and was tracked as a Leader.
  • Sophie's age is yet to be confirmed, and thus is subject to a lot of speculation. Sophie and Agatha are twin sisters and thus have the same age and birthday. It is popular belief that she is 12 in the first book. However, this has later been contradicted. Using the 4 released SGE novels it has been deduced that she is 16 turning 17 in book 3. So she is actually 15 in the first book. The following proof is used to support the theory: In book 3 of the SGE series Sophie states that the "School Master looked 16 and thus was no older than her." Using this information it was assumed that Sophie was 16 at the start of book 3. Book 3 is set in early February to early March of year 3. Book 2 is set in early November of year 2 to late December of year 2. Book 1 is set from the night of the 10th of November of year 1 to the 14th of February of year 2. Using this information we know that Sophie turned 16 in the 9 month period between books 1 and 2 because her birthday was not mentioned in books 1, 2 or 3. Since Sophie turned 16 in year 2 it is obvious that she turned 15 in year 1 and was thus 15 when she was kidnapped. Also, in a deleted chapter in book 1, Soman Chainani states that all the readers that got kidnapped were age 15.
    • However, this is further contradicted by The Ever Never Handbook stating that The Beast went missing three years prior to the events. The Ever Never Handbook is set before the fourth but after the third, and if it's to be believed that Sophie is sixteen in the third book then by the same token she must've been 13 in the first book, leaving there to be no definitive answer with so many contradictions.
  • She is Soman's favorite character.
  • Sophie once dyed Agatha's hair orange.
  • Sophie has a strawberry shaped birthmark on her ankle.
  • Before she laughs, Sophie will blush.
  • Her favorite food are cucumbers.
  • Her favorite color is primrose pink, and her finger glow is hot pink.
  • Sophie mourns Hort's 'death' by wearing all black, and would've worn all black to Agatha's wedding if Hort hadn't shown up.
  • According to Soman, Sophie is approximately 5'5".  
  • Sophie shot herself in the ear with her finger glow in order to kill the scim inside her head


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