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Reena of Pasha Dunes is a supporting character in The School For Good and Evil, and a student in The School for Good.


Reena's parental background is unknown. However, shortly before the series, she received a Flowerground ticket, earning her a place in the School for Good.  


Reena is described as an Arabic princess with jet-black hair and exotic grey eyes.

During book two she is said to have put on quite a bit of weight, as she has eaten a lot of candy. This weight however is lost by the start of book three.

In The School for Good and Evil Handbook, her hair is tied up in a ponytail, with a few bangs being left out. She also wears a flower in her hair and earrings.


Similar to other students, Reena wore many outfit throughout the series, however most of these are school uniforms:

  • Her school uniform in book one is a appallingly short pink pinafore, tall pink heels and a white lace blouse.
    • Her portrait in the SGE Handbook shows that she most likely wore a flower in her hair.
  • Her school uniform in book two is a blue bodice with a butterfly crest stitched across the heart, royal blue harem pants and a white veil.
  • Her school uniform in book three is a tight black pinafore, a green blouse, knee-high socks, flat black slippers and a black beret. 


Beatrix of Jaunt Jolie

Reena is considered to be Beatrix's best friend. She has been shown to be very close to her, as they hang out in the same social group and even helping to prepare for the war against the Nevers. She eventually becomes Beatrix's sidekick during their fourth year.


Reena is said to have a crush on Chaddick, as she hoped for him to ask her to the ball. She even went along as to dye her mother's old gown grey to match his eyes. She seems to have gotten over this crush by the end of the book however.


Nicholas asks Reena to the Snow Ball and she accepts. Before this,she mentioned that she might borrow Ava's white gown to balance his dark skin.


Thanks to her training at the School for Good and her own experiences, Reena has a range of abilities:

  • Can call upon golden wolf hounds to assist her when in need.
  • Is hinted that she can charm snakes.
  • Knows how to do spells, such as Mogrification and lighting fire.
  • Has other animal friends that are willing to help.


  • The name Reena is of Arabic origin, meaning 'One who is beautiful'.
  • Reena's quest is 'Organising an army behind Beatrix to dispatch rogue pirate fleets in Jaunt Jolie'. She was tracked as a Sidekick.