‘‘ The Storian must write ‘The End’ to seal your wish. And at the moment, it is unable. ’’
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Mona has sickly green skin, and black hair.


Mona once loved a boy implying that she could have been a nice girl,but after being punished for it she never loved someone again. And as the beast said, "Pain makes you evil." hinting that Mona had gotten colder and eviler.


Early life

The School for Good and Evil

Mona was a first year. She was one of the average students when it came to her rank. She was one of the many students who attended Sophie's lunchtime lectures, she would try to fix her skin, and wear more fashionable clothes. She had hope that evil would triumph, but she stopped seeing Sophie because she came to realize that she was admiring on the the lowest ranking students of the evil school. Later on she attended Sophie's lunchtime lectures again, since Sophie had been getting her ranks higher and higher. Finally when Sophie and Tedros were seeing each other Mona felt betrayed she felt as if Sophie was trying to make a fool out of her, thinking that Sophie will make other nevers wear pink and kiss evers. Mona was one of the worthy students to go to the trial by tale, she nearly killed Sophie after being "humiliated" by her, but after Sophie's "trap" Mona had written her a congratulations once again admiring her.

A World Without Princes

Mona read the Tale of Sophie and Agatha and was awed by it, she believed that witches and princesses were happier without boys, she was willing to fight in a war with princes for Sophie and Agatha. Like other never girls, Mona experienced makeup and diets.

The Last Ever After

The Ever Never Handbook

Quests for Glory


She can turn her lips red


Love interests

Mona had only one love interest she never loved him or anyone else again after her mother baked her in the oven for an hour as a punishment for liking somebody.







  • She was baked in an oven for loving a boy
  • She was turned into a newt



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