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Millicent was a supporting character in The School for Good and Evil. She was a student at the School for Good, tracked as a Mogrif in her third year. As of Quests for Glory, she is deceased.


Millicent was the great-granddaughter of Sleeping Beauty and her prince. She was an Evergirl at the School for Good, and close friends with Beatrix. Millicent is tracked as a Morgif, and becomes a deer. Her quest is to help Beatrix battle rogue pirates in Jaunt Jolie. She makes an appearance in Quests for Glory, then dies defending her friends from The Snake.


Millicent has red hair, an upturned nose, small freckles, high up slim eyebrows and hazel green eyes. In the second book it is described unlike the other girls she didn't do anything drastic to uglify her appearance; all she did was stop showering.


While little is known about her personality, she is shown to be one of Beatrix's 'minions' so presumably was a follower. She appears to be quite cowardly at first, running away from her quest to Camelot where deer were protected. However, much like Reena, who is actually the powerful, strong-willed Princess of Shazabah, she is revealed to be brave and extremely selfless, sacrificing herself to save Sophie and Agatha from Japeth''s scim.


She was an Ever that seemed to be in the middle or lower level of ranks. She graduated at a low rank and was mogrified into a deer.


Millicent was assigned a quest alongside Beatrix and Reena to defend Jaunt Jolie against pirate fleets.


  • Millicent became a mogrif after the events of the main trilogy- she ended up in the bottom track by the end of her time at the School for Good and was turned into a deer, before finding out that her quest, as a mogrif helper to Beatrix, was to scout out pirate fleets. She went to Camelot, where a law in place by Guinevere states that all stags and deer are protected, but she ended up dying at the end of Book Four at Four Point.
  • It is assumed that she only ran away briefly as she was known to be with Beatrix and Reena in Quests for Glory.
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