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Hort is a man-wolf who is a student at the School for Evil, and is now a history teacher/fourth year student. He is known for his major crush on Sophie throughout the series, even though he moved on to Nicola.

Early Life

Hort's father was George Scourie, a deceased pirate on Hook's team. Hort mentioned that he was going to use the money he got from killing Sophie to buy him a gold coffin as father was waiting 2 years to be buried. He also mentioned later on that his father was killed by Peter Pan and that Hort became an orphan at age six. Because of this, he wants to prove himself to make his father proud of him, which was his goal upon coming to The School for Evil and joining the quest to stop The Snake.


Hort has black hair, brown eyes, and a pointed chin. Sophie describes him as 'looking like a rat'.

After working out in The Last Ever After to be like Tedros to impress Sophie, he now has a muscular build and is considered handsome. Sophie remarked that he had transformed from a weasel-like boy to a 'Teenage Heartthrob.'


Hort is not shown to have any good grades in the School for Evil. Almost every Never is higher than him and he is "pathetic" in challenges and tests, perhaps as worthless as Dot was considered. Thus he's known as "Weasel Boy". In the first book especially it can be noted that Hort is not exactly 'Never material.' He has a crush on Sophie Of Woods Beyond, something that is not done by Nevers. Most Nevers would give up on love but Hort still strives to catch Sophie's attention. He can also be quite cunning and intelligent when the situation calls for it.


The School for Good and Evil

A World Without Princes

The Last Ever After

The Ever Never Handbook

Quests for Glory


As shown in the 1st and 2nd book, Hort is able to turn into a man-wolf. In the first, second, and third books he can only do it for 5-15 seconds at a time. But in the fourth book he can do it for hours.


Love Interests


As many fans have suspected, Hort fell in love with Sophie from the moment he first saw her. He swooned about how he'd "never seen a villain with princess hair" and observes her constantly. Hort always wanted to talk with Sophie, be around her, and prove himself to be better than he was around her.

Sophie was "fake-dating" Hort at one point to make Tedros jealous. Hort thought their relationship was real and was deeply hurt when he figured out the truth, calling Sophie a "two-timer" and a "prince lover." 

Although it was obvious, there was no direct proof Hort was actually in love with Sophie until one line from A World Without Princes. He claimed that he "fell in love with Sophie." He also said that since he was fooled by her and once loved her that he should be able to be the one to punish her later on, but as said in the Last Ever After, Hort tried to imitate Tedros so Sophie could become attracted to him. Hort is in love with Sophie throughout the whole trilogy, and halfway through Book 4, he decides he's finished with Sophie using him, and turns to Nicola, who is shown to truly like him.      


Nicola first appears in the form of a letter, making it clear that she's attracted to and interested in Hort in special editions of The Ever Never Handbook, before her appearance and introduction in Quests for Glory, though her identity as the author of those letters isn't made apparent until her chapter.

Her and Hort start dating halfway through Quests for Glory, though it becomes apparent that while Nicola likes Hort, Hort may still have feelings for Sophie, though the two proceed to go on a date together and remain implied to be dating by the end of the book.


George Scourie



The Coven


Hort dislikes the Prince of Camelot only because Sophie fell in love with him and not Hort. Hort imitated the prince to get Sophie to like him. He also doesn't trust him around Sophie and the two of them have a complicated relationship, often annoying one another. Eventually they set aside their differences and work with each other.