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Hort is a (ex) man-wolf who was a student at the School for Evil, later becoming a history teacher/fourth year student. He is known for deeply loving Sophie throughout the series. He dated Nicola for a short amount of time, only to reconnect with Sophie during the events of One True King. His Wish Fish prediction eventually comes true. 

Early Life

Hort's father was George Scourie, a deceased pirate on Hook's team. Hort mentioned that he was going to use the money he got from killing Sophie to buy him a gold coffin as his father was waiting two years to be buried. He also mentioned that his father was killed by Peter Pan and that Hort became an orphan at age six. His father was later buried by Rafal on Vulture Vale in Book 3. Because of this, he wants to prove himself to make his father proud of him.   

His mother abandoned him as a baby, therefore we can conclude that he was very much an undesired baby. Hort grew up in the poorest kingdom in the Woods, Bloodbrook, and was bullied by a pirate boy named Dabo when he was young. It is noted by Hort himself that he was close to starvation before being chosen to study at The School For Good & Evil.  


Hort has black hair, brown eyes, and a pointed chin. Sophie describes him as 'looking like a weasel.' Although in the last book, Sophie starts romanticizing his features. Especially his homey light brown eyes. 

After working out in The Last Ever After to be like Tedros to impress Sophie, he now has a muscular build and is considered handsome. Sophie remarked that he had transformed from a weasel-like boy to a 'Teenage Heartthrob.'

Here is an excerpt;

"A raven haired boy was standing ahead, at the edge of the foyer. Tight chest and stomach muscles pressed against his black uniform shirt, and his breeches revealed smooth, chiseled calves. His dark bangs draped over his forehead and his long nose was the only feature that was out of proportion on his small heart-shaped face. Sophie drew a breath, taken by his cool, erect stance, ....-"

At the end of The One True King, Hort has reverted back being skinny and unhealthily thin due to the injuries he suffered. As he had to keep himself alive for as long as possible. 


Hort is not shown to have any good grades in the School for Evil. Almost every Never is higher than him and he is "pathetic" in challenges and tests, perhaps as worthless as Dot was considered. Thus he's known as "Weasel Boy". In the first book especially it can be noted that Hort is not exactly 'Never material.' He has a crush on Sophie Of Woods Beyond, something that is rarely explored by Nevers. Most Nevers would give up on love but Hort still strives to catch Sophie's attention.  

Throughout the books, he shows he can also be quite brave, cunning, helpful, and intelligent when the situation calls for it. Hort is also shown to be extremely dedicated and loyal to his friends.  

In OTK Sophie noted that she admired how transparent and confident Hort was in expressing his love. Stating that she found his moodiness, fantasies, and sad boy facade charming.  

Here is an excerpt: 

"She thought of Agatha and Tedros, committed to the cause of Good. She thought of Reena, sacrificing the spotlight to find quiet love with a boy. She even thought of Hort, who wore love and purpose on his sleeve. Tears sprung to Sophie's eyes before she could stop them." 

He is known for being sulky and having a mean streak when dealing with people that aren't Sophie. Although these are often used as comedy relief, and entertainment purposes. It's also been hinted several times that he's exceptionally skilled at reading Sophie's body language. He can be observant and blunt when making a point or confronting his classmates with his unneeded observations. Although originally disliking him, Sophie, Agatha, Tedros and the rest of the characters warm up to Hort and set aside their differences by Book 4/5.  


The School for Good and Evil

Coincidentally Hort landed on top of Sophie when first introduced into the story. He is described as being a tall and lean. He immediately grows fond of the terribly bad-tempered Sophie. Hort is often described as disgusting by Sophie because he is the farthest thing from a Prince. 
Later, Sophie steals his frog pyjamas for Agatha, and he is upset because they are precious to him. At the Circus of Talents, it is revealed that he is a man-wolf.

A World Without Princes

Hort is in the School for Boys. When Tedros asks him to wake the teachers up, he agrees, only if he gets a spot on the Trial team. Later when Sophie comes as Filip of Mount Honora, he helps her cheat to ensure her as team leader, so she can pick him as the tenth member. However, Sophie chooses Tedros instead.

The Last Ever After

In The Last Ever After Hort is the best student in The School of New and he is thought to be the most handsome and attractive guy who every girl loves. When he sees Sophie with Rafal, he tries not to show his jealousy towards her. When Sophie asks him if he still loves her he says "no" but later admits that he lied about it. He confesses her that his apperance change is connected with his jealousy towards Tedros for who Sophie always abandoned him. When he realises that Agatha and Tedros come back to rescue Sophie from Rafal, he decides to join them and later saves Sophie's and Tedros's lives when they are attacted by Hook and his pirate friend. Sophie treats him like her guard and doesn't care about anything more than giving him food. In the Avalon, Hort shows Agatha his big wish with wish-fish help, which is getting marry with Sophie. After Rafal's death, he proposes Sophie to be his girlfriend, but she reject him and decides to be a single.

The Ever Never Handbook

Quests for Glory

In Quests for Glory Hort teaches history in the School for Evil. It is said that he gave up his true quest to being a teacher in order to help Sophie, who couldn't find anybody else for that job because every previous history teacher died tragically. Altough he is one of student's most favourite teachers, he doesn't fully enjoy his job because he always has wanted to become a hero and help others. When Storian starts writing a new fairytale, he decides to join Sophie and Agatha on their mission and achieve something that would help him being commited to people's memory. During the mission he starts dating with Nicola but still thinks about Sophie and carries more about her. Finally, he decides to forget about his first love and commit to his new girlfriend who loves him no matter how he looks or behaves. He has some quarrels with Tedros and always thinks that he underrates him.

A Crystal of Time

When Rhian allows Sophie to free one prisoner from the dungeons, Sophie chooses Hort to become her personal assistant. Her choice in liberating Hort remains mysterious until he realizes that she acknowledged the connection between them. Sophie knew that he'd always be devoted to her. This interaction seems to bring internal turmoil into the equation. Because Hort proclaims that he would always love Sophie, while dating another person. Hort wanted to know why Sophie chose him. It's because Hort is still her protector, her loyal friend, and the one she can absolutely trust. Besides trust, she acknowledges that he would always love her, no matter what terrible things she'd done to him, no matter how many awful boys she's snogged, or the fact that he still had a girfriend. That if she could just get him out of jail, he'd never let anything happen to her. Hort is angered when he catches sight of the cuts on her hands, and her scared composure. Hort devises a plan to kill Rhian, which Sophie picks up on and helps with. After their murder attempt fails, they use it to their advantage by implying Japeth was the one who tampered with Rhian's tea. Their goal is to get the brothers fighting, but this does not succeed either. Sophie then goes to "The Blessing" at the church which goes horribly wrong, as first year students invade. Attempting to escape in the chaos, no one helps Sophie except for Hort, who arrives on a Stymph and holds out his hand to her. 

At first, Sophie is enchanted with Hort coming to rescue her since she's started to view him as a Prince. Her heart starts pumping blood, and she's feeling woozy with the fact that Hort is coming to rescue her from danger. Beginning to realize that Hort has always been there. Here is an excerpt: 

"Time seemed to slow, her heart pumping hot blood, as if it was the first time she'd ever seen this boy, even though she'd seen him different all those times....not like she was now...as a prince who'd patiently saved her again and again and again, until she finally had the sense to notice." 

Suddenly Sophie realizes that there are prisoners still trapped at Camelot and, to Hort's horror, decides to stay behind. She protects Hort from oncoming attacks, and watches as he cries because he wasn't able to gurantee her safety. In Gnomeland, the king gives Hort and Nicola the mission of going to Foxwood and finding out more about Rhian and Japeth's pasts. Once there, Hort dyes his hair blond so as not to be recognized. He spends a considerable amount of time thinking about Sophie. They meet Headmistress Gremlaine at Foxwood School for Boys, and then ransack the papers in Dean Brunhilde's office. The two of them read files and notes about the twins' behaviour, including a letter from Aric to Japeth that the Dean confiscated. Then they go see Levya and Rosamund, because Rhian said that they were his parents. However, Rosamund tells them that she and her husband are not the twins' real parents, and that the lady raising them across the street didn't want anyone to know who the twins' real mother was. With this new information, Hort and Nicola go back to Gnomeland and inform the others of their findings.

One True King


As shown in the 1st and 2nd book, Hort is able to turn into a man-wolf. In the first, second, and third books he can only do it for 5-15 seconds at a time. But in the fourth book he can do it for hours. He maintains his strong manwolf abilities throughout the 5th and most of the 6th book. When he was shot by many arrows in the 6th book, his manwolf abilities disappeared. According to Hort, the wolf part of him died because the wounds were too great for it to survive.


Love Interests


This section is organized by the events that take place in each book.

SGE: As many fans have suspected, Hort fell in love with Sophie from the moment he first saw her. He swooned about how he'd "never seen a villain with princess hair" and consistently observed her. Hort always wanted to talk with Sophie, be around her, and be acknowledged. At one point, Sophie dated Hort in order to make Tedros jealous. Hort thought their relationship was real and was deeply hurt when he figured out the truth. Later in book one, Sophie came to his room one night to study and Hort said that villains couldn't love but "If I could love, I'd love you." Sophie also stole his frog pajamas for Agatha in this book. In Book 1, Sophie generally despised Hort (calling him a weasel, kicking him out of his room etc.), despite how much he tried to please her.

AWWP: Although deeply hurt by Sophie's actions, Hort continued to devote all of his attention into any Sophie related issue. Although it was obvious, there was no direct proof Hort was actually in love with Sophie until one line from A World Without Princes. When there was a bounty on Sophie, Hort wanted to use the money from potentially killing her to buy a coffin for his father. Sophie came to the School for Boys as Filip, and Hort (who didn't know this was Sophie) helped Filip in his challenges in hopes of being selected as the tenth member of the trial team. Filip (Sophie) picked Tedros instead. Once Hort found out it was Sophie (presumably sometime in between Books 2 and 3) he felt horribly betrayed.

TLEA: As said in the Last Ever After, Hort tried to imitate Tedros and change himself so Sophie could become attracted to him. Rafal taunted Hort by claiming that he would have Sophie's son. Which only causes Hort more annoyance. Sophie has a short conversation with Hort in a steam bath, which is when she gives a weak apology, and Hort tells her he doesn't love her anymore. When Tedros and Agatha kidnap Sophie from the School Master, Hort runs after them and gets wrapped up in their story once more. Sophie treats Hort as her body guard, and disregards him for the rest of the book. However, on the trail, Hort saves her and Tedros from Hook and Smee, and confesses he lied about not loving her anymore. Later in the book Hort and Agatha witness his peculiar Wish Fish prediction. He's confident that someday, Sophie will marry him. Agatha however, isn't convinced. He's anxious all throughout the book, especially when he finds out Sophie went back to Rafal. Throughout the 1st trilogy, Hort helps Sophie, saves her life, and has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with her, only to have Sophie disregard him. At the end of Book 3, Hort proposes a relationship to Sophie, but she declines, stating she wants to be an "independent woman." She takes away his original quest, and Hort becomes History Teacher in order to please and help Sophie.

EVNEVHandbook: It is revealed that Hort becomes History Teacher in order to please and help Sophie, as she is now Evil's Dean. During the "Round Table", Sophie and Hort are the only ones left at the end, and this conversation transpires: SOPHIE: Isn't anyone curious about my hopes and dreams? HORT: I am. (Sophie turns to see he's the only one still there.) SOPHIE: (softly) You don't think Lady Lesso left me this dress just because I look good in purple, do you? HORT: I think she made you Dean because you're brilliant, charismatic, hilarious, and the only person who she could ever imagine entrusting with the future of our school. SOPHIE: (thinking) That... means a lot, Hort. (She gets up, starts to leave.) HORT: Can I ask you a question, too? (Sophie stops.) You do remember dancing with me at the No Ball, don't you? (Sophie turns, smiling.) SOPHIE: I even remember what I whispered in your ear. (Sophie leaves, but Hort stays there smiling and smiling until he fades into the dark.) Hort also creates a short cartoon about everything him and Sophie have gone through, admitting that she doesn’t like him, but says, “But “Bort” will wait as long as it takes.”

QFG: At the start of book 4, Sophie and Hort are both doing their quest at the School for Good and Evil as Evil's Dean, and History Teacher, respectively (Sophie had taken away Hort's original quest). Sophie pays a bit more attention to Hort, but still disregards him and hardly considers his wellbeing. Although Hort was in love with Sophie throughout the whole first trilogy, Hort questions why he's even still chasing her. When Nicola gets written into the "quest to save them all", Hort and Nicola begin flirting and eventually start dating. Nicola seems to truly like him and somewhat glorifies his character. Hort compares the two girls througout the book, and first arranges a date with Nicola when he realizes that Nicola is kinder to him, more attentive, and would be more likely to rescue him in a bad situation. During the trapdoor scene and fight thereafter, Sophie is stricken that she can't save Hort when he is about the be hanged, and later, diverts her rescue for Hort's sake. Sophie isn't very bothered about Hort/Nicola, because she eventually meets and moves on to Rhian and is happy with the new relationship. Sophie is generally kinder to Hort and Nicola, and throughout the rest of the book, Sophie and Hort work on different parts of the quest that the whole group is on. At the end of the 4th book, Sophie trapped with Rhian and Japeth while Hort is trapped in the dungeons with the rest of the crew.

ACOT: In ACOT, Sophie and Hort first interact when she chooses him to be taken from the dungeons. When he asks why, she responds: "I trust you." Hort realizes her that even with a girlfriend, he will always love her in a special way and will do anything for her. Hort is horrified to see that Sophie's blood can heal the Snake. Hort is shown to be extremely observant of Sophie's mannerisms, and they seem to have a connection, even with limited speaking. Sophie and Hort concoct a plan to murder Rhian by putting honey-coated nuts into his tea (hoping he will choke). The plan fails, but it does create a rift between the twin brothers. At the Blessing escape, Hort is the only person who is able to rescue Sophie (as she is at risk of being left behind in the chaos). However, Sophie realizes there are other people left behind, and says she can't go with him. For the rest of the book, Hort and Sophie work on different parts of the greater mission. During his assignment with Nicola investigating Arbed House in the Foxwood School for Boys, Hort thinks about Nicola and Sophie, even somewhat comparing them: ". . . was it that Nicola appreciated him when he was scrawny of pimply or in a bad mood, while other girls--girls like Sophie--only paid attention when he was pumped with muscle and playing the rebel to Tredros' prince? Maybe that was it, Hort thought: Nicola remineded him of Sophie, with her wit and moxie and charm, without all the bad parts of Sophie. And yet, the bad parts of Sophie were why he'd liked Sophie in the first place, just like Nicola didn't mind the bad parts of him." (ACOT, "The House at Number 63", pg. 430-431) Hort, Nicola, Tedros, Agatha, and Guinivere somewhat doubt Sophie's loyalty when it seems she goes back to Rhian at the end of the book, and later when they see Rhian in the grave, they realize she is in terrible danger.

Before the release in a OTK instagram live Soman Chainani noted that Hort and Sophie make a formidable team when working together.

OTK: In OTK, Hort seems to be extremely concerned and anxious over Sophie's wellbeing, and his face lights up when he sees her through a projection. A flower bloom temps Sophie with her true love's name and glows blue, which is Hort's fingerglow color. During the fight for Merlin's beard in the pearl, Agatha doesn't tell Hort Sophie is there, and when he realizes, he is extremely upset. Hort tags along in "Trust is the Way", asking to sit by Sophie multiple times. (It is later found out that Hort was asking Tedros for girl advice-- how it was like to kiss Sophie-- during this time). When they are surrounded by wolves and pirates, Hort saves the group and Sophie.

In OTK, Sophie finds herself talking and defending Hort against those who think ill of him or misunderstand his intentions. Agatha finds this amusing and points out how well intuned she is when analyzing Hort. Sophie says she's considered Hort, but feels like love should be a dangerous and unpredictable thing and dismisses Agatha's suspicion. Sophie is much kinder to Hort, and doesn't use him like she did in previous books. They have many moments of vulnerability and affection in book six.

Later, when they are waiting for the ship, Hort and Sophie cuddle in the cold, and Hort feeds her salmon. Sophie observes how he has asserted more dominance and isn't being the boy who just followers her around anymore: "Not just that Hort had rescued her from death, but also that burn in his glare, that red-hot ardor, as if the boy had molted into a man. She'd always thought him a weenie, a lovestruck sop, but now she'd seen the alpha wolf inside, the one who commanded her love and didn't back down." (OTK, "Trust is the Way", pg. 287-288)

Hort and Nicola eventually break up, because Hort still has feelings for Sophie. " 'Ex girlfriend, and yes. It was her idea.' Hort took a deep breath. 'She thinks I'm immature and lost in my own fantasies and a sad, soft boy.' " (OTK, "Love.Purpose.Food." pg. 339) Sophie is introduced to the concept of Love.Purpose.Food. Causing her to process internal conflicts with herself she'd had all along. Realizing that she didn't need need to prove herself worthy, she didn't need to demand love to fill these empty gaps her past had left. She just needed to glance at the purest form of love in order to understand. Even before her heart had decided, Hort was someone who she'd treasured. For his emotions and endless love. Reena's mother tells her that having grand dreams could get her anything she ever wanted. But only in leaving those things behind could she find what she truly needed. Sophie had needed love. The purest kind. The love that didn't benefit from her powers or her blood. She used to think that Hort's love had been too good to be true. The truth could only hide for so long, and Sophie chose to embrace it. Giving herself permission to be happy. This internal analyzation of herself allows Sophie tom embrace the most surprising parts of her fairytale.

Agatha noticed that Sophie seemed to be more upset about the breakup than Nicola. Sophie now flirted with Hort openly and go to know him better, feeling fond of his "bad" traits. Hort and Sophie have a conversation on a cloud in the Celestium in "Conversations with Friends", having a chance to be vulnerable and laugh together. Sophie irritated that he would keep a secret from her:

"You and I are too close for you to keep secrets from me." (Sophie to Hort)

Hort finally reveals that he asked Tedros for girl advice. Hort wanted to know what it was like to kiss Sophie. Although spending time with Nicola had been fun, something was missing. Later, Hort feels self-conscious over his personality, and sense of self because he feels unloveable. Sophie immediately responds that there's nothing wrong with being who he is:

". . .Why can't a boy show his emotions? Why can't a boy just be himself? . . . I can have any handsome boy in the Woods, but they're insufferable like Tedros or possessive like Rafal or maniacal like Rhian. But I had to learn that they wouldn't make me happy, didn't I? The same way you had to kiss Nicola to learn there was something missing. The same way I had to spend time with you learn that you weren't creepy, useless Hort at all, but Hort who was open and true — and yes, sad and soft — but altogether, sweet steadfast and the strongest boy I know." Hort's whole body seemed to blush, trying to comprehend Sophie's words. (OTK, Conversations with Friends, pg. 377-380)

After Japeth breaks into the Celestium, he tries to pierce Hort's eye with a scim as Hort tries to kill Japeth. However, Sophie prevents it from happening, using her magic to stop the eel from aiming at his eyeball. When the Celestium times out, Sophie tries to fight, but Hort, worried for her safety puts her on his back and "wolfs her away."

Sophie is later captured by guards and put into a carriage. Sophie thinks nobody is going to save her, since she doesn't have a true love. That is until she spots one guard with a tiny blue fingerglow telling her to....sing. She starts to sing 'Whisky Woo, the pirate queen', and the guards try telling her to stop. A scim begins to puncture her skin, and the carriage violently stops. The Mistral sisters go outside to investigate. Hort had caused a carnage, knocking out several guards and slashing their faces. Hort manages to rescue Sophie and flees into the forest. Sophie teases Hort, flirting with him as they run away. Unfortunately, an arrow pierces his thigh. They attack Hort, and he feels himself slipping away. Hort hurriedly confesses to Sophie, telling her that he finds all parts of her personality beautiful. That he tried to move on, and forget her, but that true love didn't let him. He assures Sophie that she always had true love. The last thing Hort sees before 'dying' is Sophie's face. She begs him to stay with her, and this serves as a motivation for Hort. Who keeps himself alive for as long as possible, until he could be saved. Yuba finally arrives, but it takes him several days to heal well enough to walk. Sophie thinks that he's died.

Sophie is devastated, and fears for her other friends: "He's dead. I know he's dead..I tried to save him...I did everything I could...But he let me go....I told not to let go. . . Please I can't lose anyone else not after him. . ." ". . .That's what Hort would tell me. To be brave for him. To finish his work." (OTK, Beasts and the Beauty, pg. 528)

In "Chateau Sugar East," Agatha notices that Sophie is back to herself in the first book, the actress who fakes happiness. Sophie eventually cries, and Agatha learns what Sophie thinks is the truth. "That Sophie had fallen in love with Hort was as natural as it was surprising. . . Around Hort, Sophie was the Sophiest of all and Hort the Hortiest, each the deepest version of themselves, bared to each other without shame or fear or regret, and isn't that what love is? . . . Sophie had tried to find another equation for love. All the boys she' loved before were gorgeous or edgy or mystical, but they'd held her back or pushed her towards something she didn't want or couldn't be. Hort loved Sophie as herself. And any boy who could love the real Sophie in all her incarnations was the only prince deserving her love. It just took Hort dying for Sophie to see it." (OTK, The Sword and the Lion, pg. 560)

In "Samsara," we find out Sophie wore black for days in order to honor Hort's life. She goes down to the dungeons to find acceptance. " 'I'm sorry,' She rasped. This is why she'd come, to find her beasts, to make peace with them. The one she'd killed and the one she couldn't save. Both had to forgiver her if she was to be free." (OTK, "Samsara", pg. 589)

Agatha had other plans. (On the day of her wedding) Agatha orchestrates a plan with Hort, and shows Sophie into her secrets, revealing Hort is alive in the form of a message written in Hort's scribbly handwriting. She can't believe he's alive. Hort reveals he kept himself alive long enough to be rescued by Yuba. He also reveals that the wolf side of him died. He's afraid to confess this to Sophie because he thought Sophie loved his wolf part of him over the other parts (implying Sophie is only drawn to him by appearance/protection) and that he's not good enough. However, she assures him he is enough. As shown from this excerpt:

"You've always been enough, Hort of Bloodbrook. You, who are strong enough to die for the girl you love and still find you way back to her. You, Bold, big-hearted, beautiful you. It's me who wasn't enough. Me, who kept searching for fantasy love instead of real love. It's me who didn't deserve you. She touched his cheek. "Until I opened my heart big enough and found you there, waiting patiently, a piece of me all along." . . . Sophie didn't need to know the future to be happy. She didn't need promises or princes or a storybook life. All she wanted was the most ordinary of ends: to love with all of her heart and to be loved the same way in return.

She thought his lips "felt like home", and they were "bound by their feelings for each other and thankfulness for this moment." Although she's dominated and used Hort in the past, through their quests she's learned to be selfless and a bit more compassionate. Hort has also had growth, and has become more confident, and even started to be more dominant (rather than submissive), and he's come into his own throughout the books. They seem ready to carry that into the relationship.

Merlin watches as Hort and Sophie (both looking disheveled) join Agatha and Tedros in saying their goodbyes. Merlin looks at the two pairs and says, "The great things you will do. So much love between you."


EVNEVHandbook: Nicola first appears in the form of a letter, making it clear that she's attracted to and interested in Hort in special editions of The Ever Never Handbook, before her appearance and introduction in Quests for Glory, though her identity as the author of those letters isn't made apparent until her chapter.

QFG: Although Hort was in love with Sophie throughout the whole first trilogy, Hort questions why he's even still chasing her. When Nicola gets written into the "quest to save them all", Hort and Nicola begin flirting and eventually start dating. Nicola seems to truly like him and somewhat glorifies his character. Hort compares the two girls througout the book, and first arranges a date with Nicola when he realizes that Nicola is kinder to him, more attentive, and would be more likely to rescue him in a bad situation. During the Four Point scene, Hort is stricken when Sophie is forced to choose between saving Nicola or him. He urges Sophie to stay under Nicola to save her and let him die. Hort and Nicola have a date in "Date Night in Sherwood Forest." 

ACOT: After Hort is taken out of the dungeons by Sophie, the relationship he had with Nicola seems to deteriorate as soon as he realizes that he'll always love Sophie. Hort and Nicola work with the group on the greater quest throughout this book. During his assignment with Nicola investigating Arbed House in the Foxwood School for Boys, Hort thinks about Nicola and Sophie, even somewhat comparing them: ". . . was it that Nicola appreciated him when he was scrawny of pimply or in a bad mood, while other girls--girls like Sophie--only paid attention when he was pumped with muscle and playing the rebel to Tredros' prince? Maybe that was it, Hort thought: Nicola remineded him of Sophie, with her wit and moxie and charm, without all the bad parts of Sophie. And yet, the bad parts of Sophie were why he'd liked Sophie in the first place, just like Nicola didn't mind the bad parts of him." (ACOT, "The House at Number 63", pg. 430-431) It was mentioned that they kissed in Foxwood but didn't expand on Hort's usual romanticism in Nicola's presence. They return to Gnomeland, and later travel to Avalon with Tedros, Agatha, and Guinevere.  

OTK: At the beginning of OTK, Hort and Nicola seem to have relationship problems. When Hort sees Sophie through a projection, his face lights up, and Nicola comments he's never lit up like that when he's looked at her. Their relationship also struggles due to their different priorities. Hort wants to prioritize Sophie's safety while Nicola wants to focus on the greater mission. The relationship crumbles under both a lack of communication and emotional connection. They spend limited time together and disagree on a number of things. Before parting ways, Nicola argues with Hort, telling him that having a boy will get in the way of their mission. Hort feels offended that Nicola sees him as an obstacle and decides to stay behind. Nicola finally decides to break up with Hort in the middle of the book, saying that he's a "sad, soft boy." However, symbolically the relationship ended in the beginning of ACOT, due to Hort's revelation that he'd always love Sophie, even with a girlfriend. More than disappointed, Nicola finds herself self-conscious over how fast Hort got over their break-up, as Hort and Sophie begin to openly connect. Agatha points out that it isn't her fault. Here is an excerpt: 

"To be fair, he's been talking to 'her' since the first day of school. Yes, Sophie is beautiful. Yes, Hort has always been fond of her. But Hort also believes in true love, even though he's a Never. And he wouldn't have kissed you and been your boyfriend if he didn't think there was a chance that you were the one. Period. Hort is too kind and honest and real to settle for anything less. Maybe he wasn't ready in the end. Maybe you two just aren't right for each other. Only a true villain believes he can control love. Love can't be controlled any more than a wildfire can. It lives in the balance of fate and free will. We do our part...but it writes its own story in it's own time, the way it's meant to be." 

Nicola finally understands and moves on, later ending up with Yoshi, a boy she met in Jaunt Jolie. 


George Scourie



Hort always found Agatha a bit of a bore. He had strong opinions regarding her engagement to Tedros since he always felt Agatha deserved someone better than Camelot's heir. In TLEA, both Hort and Agatha witness his Wish Fish prediction that revealed his own wedding to Sophie. An outdoor wedding with both the Queen & King of Camelot in attendance.  

OTK Hort and Agatha are much more comfortable around each other. Often teasing each other when frustrated. He's often judged due to how often he resorts to teasing the Queen of Camelot. He frequently brings dark humor into their relationship, with Agatha being frustrated over his dramatic fits. Hort gives Agatha the nickname 'Fatima' because he feels jealous over Agatha and her closeness to Sophie. As seen from this excerpt: 

"You have a girlfriend!" Agatha hissed back. 

"You have a girlfriend and a boyfriend!" Hort scorched. "You kiss everybody!" 

Later on, Agatha defends Hort's infatuation with Sophie when talking to Nicola. Although she's often teased by Hort, she describes him as being a kind person who's always been by Sophie's side. Later on, Agatha and Hort orchestrate a plan to surprise Sophie in his office. Showing that Agatha was willing to make Sophie's Happy Ending happen even on her wedding date. It's hinted at the end of One True King that Hort has warmed up to Agatha.    

The Coven:

Although Hort and the coevn aren't very close, they play a major role together in some of the later books and ultimately the Coven and Hort make a good team when working together. They aren't as close in the earlier books and Dot and Anadil hardly know Hort until at least the second book.


Hort dislikes the Prince of Camelot only because Sophie fell in love with him and not Hort. Hort imitated the prince to get Sophie to like him. He also doesn't trust him around Sophie and the two of them have a complicated relationship, often annoying one another. Eventually they set aside their differences and work with each other, however, this proves challenging as Hort is still against him at times.


  1. Confirmed by Soman to be one of the tallest individuals in the cast.
  2. Before releasing OTK Soman stated that his favorite Nevers are both Hort & Sophie. Jun Sekiya (assistant) said the same thing.
  3. Hort's fingerglow has been described as being sapphire blue.
  4. Hort gave Agatha a nickname: Fatima
  5. Agatha accidentally lands on him and hits his groin area causing him to scream.


- “At last, her Weasel had come.” {said about Hort}

- "No wonder Good always wins," Hort marveled as he flew above them, watching Merlin correct the witches shots. "You guys cheat!" 

- “Either you’re lying again or you’re as stupid as you look. You ditch me first year for him when you were a girl. You ditch me second year for him when you were a boy. You lie and cheat and steal for him while he treats you like crap, and I help you and care for you and worship you like a queen while you treat me like crap! What does that guy have that I don’t? What makes him so lovable and me so unworthy? Know how many times I’ve asked myself that question, Sophie? How many times I’ve studied him like a book or sat in the dark picturing every last shred of him, trying to understand why he’s more of a person than me? Or why the moment he’s gone, you take a ring from the School Master—or Raphael or Michelangelo or Donatello or whatever you want to call him to make yourself feel better—just because he looks like you want him to look and says what you want to hear? When you could have had someone who’s honest and kind and real?” - Hort to Sophie

- "What? I like being fresh," said Hort, munching mint.

- "Dad told me that villains can't love, no matter what. That it's unnatural and disgusting. So I definitely can't love," Hort said "But if I could love, i'd love you."

- "As if i'd believe anything you said anyway," Hort snorted "I've already killed you and kissed you more times in my head than you deserve."  

- "But...but...you said you didn't love me anymore-" Sophie rasped                       Hort whirled to her "I lied." 

- "Man- wolf. And it's better than that. Trust me. Besides, haven't practiced my talent in a while, so I only last 5 seconds now. I don't get it. How do other man-wolves last so long? Is there a special diet or potion for stamina? I asked Professor Sheeks, but she sent me to the Doom Room for being cheeky.  


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