Honora is Stefan's wife. She has two sons, Jacob and Adam. Vanessa became her best friend while they were young so that she could get close to Stefan.


Vanessa has black hair,and is said to have a small head and round body.



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Sophie and Agatha learn, in the third book that Honora was the first girl Stefan ever truly loved, but Vanessa believed that Stefan should be hers. In order to try to win Stefan's affections for herself, Vanessa befriended Honora, thinking this would allow her to flirt with the guy she fantasized over so much. But Stefan didn't seem to notice Vanessa at all, until Vanessa acquired a love potion she used to seduce Stefan, which led to her conceiving his child. Stefan was sure that Vanessa had used magic to trick him, but Honora wouldn't accept this, partly because she still considered Vanessa to be her friend.

After Stefan married Vanessa because of her pregnancy, Honora's parents pressured her to marry the butcher's son, who eventually inherited the business. But Honora's marriage was as loveless as Stefan's, and after Vanessa gave birth to a pair of stillborn boys, Honora began to accept what Stefan said about Vanessa. For a time, they met secretly, and Vanessa believed that both of Honora's sons were actually Stefan's as well.

They stopped meeting for a while after Vanessa did successfully conceive and give birth to Sophie (and Agatha, Sophie's twin sister, who took after her mother's looks before her transformation, leading Vanessa to give her to Callis). However, although Stefan tried to be a loyal husband and father, he could not make himself feel as loving as he meant to feel for his daughter, and drifted back to seeing Honora. Vanessa died some years later (possibly of a broken heart), and after Honora's husband died.

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She is Sophie's stepmother.