Crogs are the magical, skeletal crocodile species that swam in the School for Boys' waters during the second book of the series. They are now extinct.


Crogs were, simply, crocodiles completely made out of bones. They are similar to stymphs in appearance They have thin rectangular snouts and sharp teeth that turn black in adulthood due to poor dental hygiene.

Behavior at School

Crogs swam in the waters of the School for Boys. They were a special species that would only attack females and only nip at passing males. Crogs are obviously all males, or else they would constantly be ripping each other to shreds.


  • There scientific name is wilkillus trespassus.
  • They are the largest and most aggressive members of the swimmawolfe family
  • They are normally found in squishy, unclean places near a shore where humans frequently roam.
  • They are repelled by the scent of violets and/or freshly churned butter.