‘‘ You are hereby accepted to the School for Good, Enlightenment and Enhancement and awarded the official title of: EVER. With Warm Welcome, Clarissa Dovey, Dean of the School for Good ’’
—Ever Certificate
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Professor Clarissa Dovey is the Dean of Good, and also Agatha's and Cinderella's fairy godmother. Clarissa originally teaches Good Deeds to Evers for the first year and teaches Princeless Power in the second year at the School for Girls. In the third year, she was frozen in the Brig of Betrayers until she was released by Lady Lesso, so she did not appear until near the end of The Last Ever After. In Quests for Glory, she speaks with the coven through her crystal ball during their quest to find a new School Master, although using her crystal ball seems to weaken her. She is known to be the most sought after Fairy Godmother in the world.


Lady Lesso

Clarissa was Lady Lesso's best friend and fellow dean. Their friendship runs deep, Lady Lesso going so far as to risk her life to protect Clarissa from Aric, out of fear that he would destroy 'the one love she had in this world'. Lady Lesso dubs Clarissa as 'her Agatha'. When she dies in The Last Ever After, Clarissa weeps over her dead best friend. In the fifth book, Dovey is wrapped in Lesso's arms when Dovey dies.


Clarissa is Cinderella's fairy godmother. She gives her a gown and her famous glass slippers to go to the ball, presumably to win Prince Kaveen’s heart. What she doesn't know is that Cinderella never wanted the prince, though she never finds out about this.

Agatha of Woods Beyond

Clarissa was the presiding Dean when Agatha attends the School for Good. At first, their relationship does not extend more than a teacher-student one, but when Agatha scores 100% on a test every other Ever had failed, Clarissa has a talk with Agatha, which results in her asking her what would make her happy. Agatha replies that being beautiful would make her life easier. Clarissa pretends to grant her wish, going so far as to make her believe that she'd changed her appearance entirely, only to reveal that it was all an elaborate ruse to show her that she had been beautiful all along. In the next three books, Clarissa acts as Agatha's guide and mentor. Agatha was tricked into believing Dovey was Tedros when Dovey turned them all into Tedros'. Agatha doesn't realise this until Dovey is killed by Japeth. (ACOT)

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