Aric of Bloodbrook, formerly known as Dean Aric, is a minor character in A World Without Princes and a tertiary character in The Last Ever After.


Aric is the only child of Lady Lesso. After his mother was appointed to be the School for Evil's dean, instead of abandoning Aric, she hid him in one of the caves outside the school gates, visiting him every night to comfort him. However, after some time, her visits were revoked by Rafal who found out thanks to Evelyn Sader. Aric was left alone and with no explanation as to why his mother abandoned him. This caused him to gain a hatred towards his mother.

Shortly before A World Without Princes, Aric formed an army and broke into the School for Boys, setting a shield around the castle and replacing Chaddick as the school captain. He was born in Bloodbrook.


Aric is described as having spiked black hair, lethal violet eyes and ghostly pale cheekbones. He bears a resemblance to his mother this way. He is also described as being tall, muscular and 'menacingly handsome'. After being attacked by Hester, he had the word "CREEP" carved onto his forehead, along with a black eye, a swollen nose, and deep claw marks across his face.


Aric has worn a number of outfits across the series:

  • In book 2 he wore the School for Boys uniform, which consisted of a black and red sleeveless shirt, red breeches and black boots.
  • In that book he also wore a red cape and black uniform.
  • As one of the two deans in book 3, he wore a sleeveless black leather shirt.


Aric has a very cruel, vicious and violent personality. He takes great pleasure in torturing and hurting others and even killed Tristan in book 2. He is very goal-driven and is known to do anything to reach that goal, even if it involves the deaths of others.

During book 3 his personality does not change too much, however, it is hinted that he may be a bit vulturous, since his relationships with Sophie and Hester seems to be slightly predatory on his part. He may have mental issues, probably due to his being abandoned by his mother at age 6.


Lady Leonora Lesso

Aric has an undying hate for his mother. Though she was his mother, she was also his nemesis, which led him to try and kill her multiple times, even without the permission of Rafal. Once he tried putting a snake in her toilet. Another time he served her poisoned coffee. During the chaos in the trial in book 2, he almost killed her, but Rafal intervened. He never forgave her for abandoning him, and even though he seems to act sweet to her at times, Lesso can easily see though this act.

At the end of book 3, Professor Dovey stabs Aric , then Lady Lesso dies shortly after.

Sophie of Woods Beyond

Sophie and Aric's first interaction was chasing after her as she and Agatha attempted to reach The School For Girls. Their second, more direct interaction was after Sophie activated the mogrif shield, leading him to believe that there was an intruder in book 2. However, he never spotted her, as she hid under the spiricks near the castle.

During the course of book 3, their relationship seems to improve Aric acts kinder to her and even (not very) subtly flirting with her during some of their interactions.

Nearing the end of book 3, when Lady Lesso left him and Sophie in the Brig of Betrayers, (after he finished crying and whining to his mommy) however, he tricked Sophie into helping him out and after he got out, he ran off and did not help Sophie, saying, "If it wasn't for you, I would have led training, and the war would have already been won."

Agatha of Woods Beyond

Agatha and Aric had a neutral and eventual negative relationship. Aric seemed to have tolerated her as she attempted to reach Tedros during book 2, though he did want to kill her beforehand. His actions however were proved to be a trick, as he managed to trick Tedros into thinking that she had tried to kill him, instead of trying to tell him that Agatha was trying to help him.

During book 3, he shows great hate for Agatha, and wishes for her to be killed.

Hester Of Ravenswood

Aric and Hester have a negative relationship, as he stabbed her during the second year trial, almost killing her. In the School for New Evil, Hester states that all the teachers love her apart from Aric. She later attacks him with her demon, carving 'CREEP' into his forehead, among other injuries. Aric attempts to have Hester and her coven imprisoned for this, but they are rescued by Merlin just in time. Aric blames Lady Lesso for Hester's attack.


Aric has several different abilities:

  • He has some weaponry skills, as he can wield a knife very well
  • He has a lot of authority over students in book 3
  • He has some strength, as he can manage to be in a stable physical fight with his mother.

His main weapon is a rusted knife.


  • In the Handbook, Aric's full title is revealed to be Aric of Bloodbrook.
  • It is known that Aric has killed at least two people (Yara/Tristan and Lady Lesso), and injured many more.
  • It is possible that Aric may be a sadist, as he is described as taking great pleasure in punishing other students in painful ways. He also punished every boy in the School for New Evil.
  • The identity of Aric's father has been up to debate in the fandom. His father is not someone from the school, and the only thing known about him is that he was a hulking, well-muscled man with dark eyes filled with a 'fiery madness'. Lesso was also said to be afraid of him.
  • His finger glow is purple, like his mother's.
  • It is unknown where and if he was buried.
  • In book 4, the snake calls Aric someone who he was soft for and someone he called friend.
  • It is possible that Japeth (the Snake) or Rhian influenced Aric in his hatred towards his mother.