Arachne is a Nevergirl in the School for Evil.

In The Books

She was also part of the School for Girls and School for New Evil along the with other Nevergirls. In some part of her childhood, Arachne liked a boy and her father killed him. Ever since then, Arachne has never liked a boy. When Sophie starts her beauty lecture, Arachne and other girls start taking care of their skin and appearance. But Sophie dates with Tedros - an Everboy - an immortal rival to Nevers. Realizing what they've done, Arachne has a plan to kill Sophie along with her fellow Nevergirls. In the first Trial By Tale, Arachne teams up with Anadil to kill Sophie but she gets betrayed and is sent to the Great Lawn by Anadil. Arachne's heritage is unknown. She is tracked as a mogrif in the School for Evil, a newt, and her quest is to act as a spy for Ravan in his quest to plunder the iron village of Akgul, where the last of the famous Akgul rubies are stored.