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A Crystal of Time is the newly released 2019 fantasy, fairy tale novel written by Soman Chainani. It is the second book in The Camelot Years trilogy and the the fifth book overall in The School for Good and Evil series. The book picks up right after the events of the fourth book, Quests for Glory. It released on March 5, 2019.


A false king has claimed the throne of Camelot, sentenced Tedros to death, and forced Sophie to be his queen. Only Agatha manages to escape.

Now Agatha and the students at the School for Good and Evil must find a way to restore Tedros to his throne and save Camelot . . . before all of their fairy tales come to a lethal end.[1]


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After Agatha fled Camelot, she took cover in the woods. She's convinced she's running in circles until finally she finds herself in the kingdom of Avalon.

The Coven and the crew minus Agatha, Sophie and Tedros are crammed into a tiny cell along with the Dean of Good. They have been instructed by the Dean to set up an escape plan, including Hester's demon, Anadil's rats, and magic. Using Hester's demon, they bore a hole in the stone wall just big enough to stick a finger through. Using this hole, they use one of Dovey's spells to spy on the stage.

Chapter list

Known chapters

  1. Agatha The Lady and the Snake
  2. The Coven Lionsmane
  3. Sophie Bonds of Blood
  4. Agatha New Alliances
  5. Tedros Sophie's Choice
  6. Sophie The Dinner Game
  7. Agatha Agatha's Army
  8. Hort Someday My Weasel will Come
  9. Sophie Empress Under the Boot
  10. Sophie Blessing in Disguise
  11. Agatha Friendship Lessons
  12. Tedros Lucky Seven
  13. Agatha Sometimes the Story Leads You
  14. Sophie He Lies, She Lies
  15. Agatha One True King
  16. Professor Dovey What Makes Your Heart Beat?
  17. Agatha The Only Safe Place in the Woods
  18. Tedros Ultimate Mission
  19. Agatha Into the Crystal World
  20. Hort The House at Number 63
  21. Agatha Blood Crystal
  22. Sophie Script of a Murder
  23. Agatha Cat in a Museum
  24. Sophie The Garden of Truth and Lies
  25. Sophie Rhian and the Real Thing
  26. Agatha A Grave Mistake
  27. Tedros The Unburied King